Saturday, October 25, 2008

Greetings Healthy Moms & Dads!
It's been quite awhile since you've heard from me. We've been a little busy lately getting our house on the market and hitting the road. If you haven't already heard about our new lifestyle, please visit our blog to get the scoop.

On the food front, I had to write and tell you about an amazing restaurant we came upon in Granger, IN - near South Bend. If you live in this area, please check it out! It's called Uptown Kitchen and we LOVED it. It's a rare occasion to stumble across such a treasure. We were driving down 23 and Ashley said, "Hey, turn in here and see what there is." We turned into a shopping area that was still being developed. Many stores weren't even open yet, but we kept driving and then we came around a corner and spotted the Uptown Kitchen with a tag line that says "Eat well. Be happy."

We walked in and were delighted with the funky upbeat decor. When we sat down and looked at the menu we were even more excited! How often do you see "organic" on a menu? And smoothies with real fruit! So we splurged a little. We got the Hummus Plate for an appetizer. Jake ordered French Toast on challah bread - his new favorite now that we've added organic eggs to our diet. Ashley went with the vegetarian pasta nightly special. Rich splurged on organic salmon, and I ordered an veggie omelet with a side of multigrain toast. It was all so wonderful! So we decided to share a piece of chocolate cake for dessert.

We met the owner Jonathan Lutz and wished him and his family all the best with his family-run business. Gems like this are hard to find in a fast food world. If you know of any other wonderful places like this around the country, please email me or leave a comment. We would love to support other local restaurants as we travel around the country.

Tonight we ate "well" and were very "happy." You will be too if you have a chance to eat here! It's definitely worth the trip if you are anywhere near South Bend, IN.